Workshop Topics


Career Search

Resume Writing Skills

Discuss required sections, formatting options, and various tips to stand out and catch recruiters attention. 

Succeeding in Your Interview

Stand out during an interview by preparing, performing, and completing post-interview tasks.

Job Searching Techniques

Learn the latest job seeking trends and how to organize your goals to land an interview phone call.


Computer Skills

Microsoft Excel

Learn to effectively use Excel to manage spreadsheets for your personal and professional activities.


Setup your business transactions easily in Quickbooks. Generate reports in minutes that give an accurate view of how your business is doing.

Microsoft Word

Design polished documents in Word to create professional letters, flyers, newsletters, and more. 

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create tailored presentations that leave an impression of professionalism and fun.

Gmail and Google Apps

Setup and learn how to manage your Gmail account and Google apps in increase productivity and collaboration.


Personal Finance

Managing Your Budget

Build an effective budget, create a debt management plan, and outline savings goals. 

Credit Scores

Learn how credit works,  how it impacts you personally, and ways to improve your FICO score to better your financial status.

Housing Options

Learn the pros and cons of owning vs. renting and the process of each. ​
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