Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services - What's included?

We spend time with our clients to learn about backgrounds including work experience, education/certifications, job search goals, interesting job descriptions, etc. The more information, the better! 

Career Marketing Portfolios include:


Resume includes a First Draft, Revised Draft, and a Final in Microsoft Word or PDF. Feedback and collaboration are key to creating a powerful Career Marketing Portfolio.

Cover Letter templates are provided with a general, all-encompassing focus to help clients tailor future letters per job role. Specific-job-focused letters are available upon request. 

LinkedIn Profile Optimization includes either updating or creating a new profile online that establishes a professional online presence. Each profile is enhanced to ensure job seekers are more visible to recruiters and hiring managers and is set up for a more effective job search.


After that initial conversation, payment is required to start the process (it's first-come, first-serve). Cash or debit/credit cards are accepted.


Resume writing services do not guarantee promotions, job placements, or interviews. We offer these improvements to enhance your job searching strategies and goals.

Certified Professional Resume Writers - Why us?

Stephanie Renk and Vera Savany-Hughes provide career marketing portfolios for job seekers at all stages - students, recent graduates, parents returning to the workforce, professionals seeking a new role or changing careers, and military personnel or veterans transitioning out of the military.

Everyone’s job searching needs and expectations are different and we work hard to provide authentic and accurate details in each client's resume portfolio. To ensure this goal is achieved, we partner with job seekers to build Career Marketing Portfolios that get through Application Tracking Systems (the software job seekers apply through), stand out for recruiters, and build networking opportunities on LinkedIn.

We are certified through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and we continue to stay attuned with the job market, resume standards, and more by participating in multiple monthly education programs.

Contact Us - What's the next step?

Set up a free 30-minute call to discuss your background, career goals, and our process by contacting us here.