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What a Certified Resume Writer Does to Help You Land an Interview

If you are one of the 38.6 million who have filed for unemployment since March, you know the stress and challenges that come with navigating a job search which is only intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I make my resume stand out and get recognized? How do I address gaps in employment? How far back should I go on my resume? Is LinkedIn really helpful? What’s relevant in a resume nowadays? What the heck is ATS?

As Certified Professional Resume Writers (a.k.a. CPRWs), we address these concerns to help you stand out among the crowd. Whatever your unique circumstances, now more than ever, having a certified professional assist you in crafting your next resume will set you up for job search success.

#1 Gain a competitive advantage (ahead of potentially hundreds or thousands of other applicants)

How can you stand out in a sea of applicants? It is tough these days. Many talented people are entering the job market, looking for many of the same positions and the hiring process has changed in the last ten years.

As CPRWs, we know what hiring managers are looking for and how they process applicants through their ATS, or applicant tracking system. These systems help recruiters collect and sort through a large number of resumes using keywords, filtering, an sorting. In fact, 98.2% of Fortune 500 companies use an ATS. We work to give you that competitive edge through a targeted career portfolio that will help match the job posting as best as possible.

As “Professional Storytellers”, we write resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles that tell your unique story so you can shine above the rest! How do we do that? First, we create custom portfolios that will highlight your strengths:

  • Define the job family target to create a resume (and maybe you need more than one depending on your background) and address how you are qualified for the role.

  • Build in keywords so ATS gives a higher rate, getting the resume in front of the recruiter or hiring manager.

  • Create LinkedIn profiles that help get you noticed online.

  • Write unique cover letters that highlight your personalized story, encouraging the reader to meet you.

The professional resume will read smarter, look sharper, provide value, and show the impact you can potentially have to an employer.

#2 Answers complex questions about modern resumes.

We are often asked these questions during our first initial phone calls with job seekers:

  • How do I tell my professional story in ONLY one or two pages?

  • What do I do about my work history gaps?

  • I have many certifications. Which ones do I list and which ones do I remove?

  • What if my company closed? How do I put that on my resume?

  • How do I list all of my promotions without going overboard?

  • My experience is all over the place. Is that a bad thing?

  • How do I get through the ATS?

  • How do I not outdate myself?

As CPRWs, we answer the above questions per your specific story and help to articulate the value you offer an employer. We can determine the impact you have had and can tell that story to your new employer, and answer these important questions:

  • What are your unique and/or relevant skills?

  • How do your previous successes set you up to be the right candidate for this job?

  • Do you engage in job activities that are relevant to your goals?

  • Does your education/training line up with the job role?

  • How are you qualified for this specific position?

  • Do you have relevant volunteer experience?

By collaborating with you, we can create a targeted resume that incorporates experience, education, strengths, and the expertise that separates you from the pack. We strive to make it clear why you are the most qualified and talented candidate.

#3 Get a targeted job search portfolio to make your job search easier.

First impressions are everything! CPRWs develop resumes to make sure your resume is unique to you! Your resume could include things like: