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Three Tips for Effectively Interviewing & Communicating Your Value

By a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), Vera Savany-Hughes

Imagine this…you walk into or hop on that zoom call for the interview of your dream job. The moment has finally arrived, and well, you’re not prepared. You’re not sure how your body language is coming across, or how excited to act, and you’re possibly more focused on how well your potential competitor performed in this scenario. All because you didn’t practice for one of the biggest moments in your career journey.

How can we avoid this situation?

Practice, practice, practice! This way, we make sure you not only have the ideal mindset, but you express and perform your value – get ready to shine on the spot with these three powerful interview tips…

1. Use Mirroring to level-up your likeability factor in an interview.

What is Mirroring?

Mirroring means to mimic or imitate the interviewer’s communicating style without being obvious. It is actually a very common practice, we all do it to one extent or another, but we are unaware that we even do it. If an interviewer is leaning in to communicate and listen, then it is a smart idea to take similar action and make sure you’re not doing the opposite with your body language (sitting back would possibly bring down your likeability factor, because it conflicts with the interviewer’s communication style). High-level awareness during an interview can truly be a make-it-or-break-it moment; it’s better to observe and then execute according to your specific interview setting.

2. There are 3 messages that Communicate YOUR value.

Your unique differentiating factor that makes you stand out from the crowd. According to the famous Jay Block, “There about 6-8 messages that make 90% of the difference in getting a job offer.” That’s important and potent to remember next time you prepare for that potential dream role.

a. The Presidential Message

Think of this as your single most important message as a job candidate that you will need to create and solidify to convey in your job interviews. Another way to think of the Presidential message, is the answer to a question such as, “Why should I hire you?”

What would a hiring professional want to hear as an answer? Whatever your answer is – it should get them excited to WANT to pay you. For example, “I optimize customer relations and build long-lasting relationships by creating dynamic career marketing portfolios to help job seekers land the job they want with confidence, to lead the life they deserve.”

b. The Vice-Presidential Messages

Just as the name suggests, your vice presidential messages support your claim to fame – they solidify and prove your presidential message. So, if we take the example from above as the Presidential Message, then some Vice Presidential Messages would things such as, “I am a certified resume writer with a bachelor’s in communication” – that would be an example of a qualification or “wisdom” invested that produces results. Another Vice Presidential Message could be, “I can analyze clients assessment results to identify their true strengths in order to create a more targeted career portfolio with their unique value propositions.”

c. The Value Added Messages

Also known as the “Differential” Messages, are messages that communicate added value – that unique factor that sets you apart and makes you stand out from the crowd. It might be a necessity, as it is not something necessarily even mentioned on the job posting – but as Jay Block refers to it, “qualities that go beyond the call of duty”. Staying with the same Presidential Message, a Value Added Message could be, “I have experience as a Business Manager and therefore understand the importance of communication and relationship building in order to establish and maintain a growing client database.”

3. Learn the art of Performance Storytelling.

It is vital that we do not treat interviews with the mindset of, “tell them what they want to hear and that’s all that matters”. Think of it as a date that you absolutely want to win over, where you want to give it your all and be memorable! How do you accomplish that? Have stories ready that emphasize your presidential, vice presidential, and value added messages and makes it all come to life – while being genuine and not trying to be anyone but yourself. There is only one you in the world and that’s the mentality you need to walk in or hop on that zoom call with. By using techniques like the S.T.A.R. Method along with a focus on making sure your professional stories will hit those emotional hot buttons is how/where the likeability magic happens!