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Teaching is my jam

I have always enjoyed working with people whether it be on teams, partnerships, or individually. That's what I enjoy so much about Idaho Next Steps Coaching. I speak with different individuals every day and no resume or coaching session is alike. For example, last week we had 3 nursing resume requests and every single one was unique. It brings variety to my work-life while still having a routine and I love it.

This past year (2019) was amazing! I spent the year learning, trying new things, hiring (yippee!) and becoming a better educator. I really can't help myself so even if I'm only working on a resume, every session is full of tips and techniques to help job seekers land an interview. That piece of paper only goes so far and it's all about how you use it! I especially enjoy having a job searching techniques conversation where we line up the goals (i.e. searching for a specific job family, frequency of job searching, and utilizing your "brand") and how to use the tools that are out there (i.e. LinkedIn, Idaho Dept of Labor, and much, much more). Creating a path with milestones is how you showcase your impact!

However, I really enjoy teaching in the classroom. I teach at Nampa Library on a monthly basis and I absolutely love it. This year, I am teaching Intro to Excel, Excel: Formulas & Functions, and Excel: Presenting Data. The staff is amazing and the space is perfect! Every workshop is full and all of my students have a good time. It's a fun class! My feet are pretty tired by the end of the day but it's worth it. I always leave the Library with a smile and feel energized. The best part?! These classes are free to the public and the next workshops will be on February 20. You can sign up here for any section or all three!

Intro to Excel - Jan 16 2020
Intro to Excel - Jan 16 2020

I've been at TVCC for a year, teaching various classes such as Employment Strategies, Personal Budgeting, Management Principles, and Intro to Business. I'll admit the first courses weren't my best work but I learned what was effective and what truly needed improvements. Earlier this year, while teaching Personal Budgeting, I found myself looking forward to very lively class discussions. Budgeting is very personal and each student had a different take on how they tracked their expenses, their challenges, and their goals. This quarter, I'm teaching Intro to Business and being a small business owner myself, it's been fun teaching topics that truly helped me build this organization.

Last summer, I also taught a variety of computer skills workshops at Veterans Upward Bound, a program focused on helping veterans transition into post-secondary education. They were on a weekly basis so I was able to slow down and break up the content and assign practice that we could follow-up on together. It was a small class and I enjoyed the almost-one-on-one feel. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to time constraints.

Even with the business growing as more Treasure Valley locals learn that we are here to help with resumes as well as career and life coaching, I find that I still enjoy my classroom time and getting a group of people together to learn skills. With 2020 getting started, I hope to include more workshops to on a variety of topics throughout the year.

Stay tuned!