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New Year, Be You: Know Who You Are

The trick to having a successful interview? Knowing who you are...and making sure the interviewers know it too. As you read in last month’s blog by Vera Savany-Hughes's "New Year, Be You", there are a variety of assessments that can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, generating ideas, examples, and stories. After those fun activities, it takes some thought to lay it out clearly.

Have you ever heard the term “brand yourself”?

It’s the latest trend in helping to identify yourself, especially when you’re focused on finding a role in the career path that you want. If you’re an Executive Assistant, you are talking about how you’re organized, detailed-oriented, a multitasker, etc. If you’re a nurse, you’re talking about patient care, diligently notating medical records, and specifics about your area of expertise. If you’re in IT, you’re talking about priorities, cross-functional collaborations, and relationships.

How to brand yourself for a job search:

As you are preparing for 2021, think about your goals, strengths, and characteristics. Casting a wide net isn't helpful or effective. Resumes have to be targeted to a job role and LinkedIn Profiles have only so many characters or skills. Readers are only interested in seeing how your skills will fit their team or how you will impact the company. If you enjoy working with customers, focus on your relationship-building skills. If you enjoy working on a team, focus on collaboration. If you enjoy working alone, focus on independence and diligence. Be true to yourself but in a way that resonates with hiring managers.

Describe your top key skills and areas of expertise. These keywords could be your areas of expertise, technical skills, or soft skills. It depends on your industry and field. Make sure they align with the job roles you are applying for.

What are your tops skills?

Outline your purpose and goals. Take these keywords and research roles that utilize these skillsets. Once you have outlined the job families that you are interested in (sales/customer service, manufacturing), you can narrow your job search and prepare your career portfolio.

What's are your goals?

Focus your resume and LinkedIn profile. Don’t worry if your previous jobs don’t match perfectly. Think about the transferable skills (management, collaborations, tasks, project) that are needed and highlight those first. Highlight your expertise in these areas, your accomplishments, and your successes.

What is your resume's focus?

These are simple yet thought-provoking steps to truly understand what your skills are and how you can use them within a career. Taking this time to know yourself will lead to focused job searches and career portfolios. Once your portfolio is in the hands of interviewers, they will clearly understand your value and potential at their company.

This process takes time but it is well worth the results. Let's get ready for 2021!

Interested in defining your key strengths, focusing your career portfolio, and/or finding a career that makes you happy? Call (208) 329-6528 or email now to prepare for the new year!

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