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Nerves During an Interview – Not Such a Big Deal if You Prepare!

While a resume may be the first step in landing a job, it’s the interview that seals the deal! First impressions and self-presentation are key. As an interviewer, I was never bothered when a candidate was nervous or had that “sweaty-palm” handshake. Remember, you can still be skilled and confident even though you may feel nervous!

My role in the interview was to assess a candidate’s knowledge and willingness to learn. Would this person be a great teammate? Would they be reliable and accountable for their responsibilities? If the candidate claimed to have knowledge of a program or industry, I wanted to learn more about their background. If the candidate was attempting to try something new, why? Do they want to learn and expand their skill-set? Or was there another reason?

Back to the interview, what can you do about your nerves? Plenty! It’s all about preparation. How you prepare for an interview can truly affect how you perform and what you do after the interview leaves a lasting impression. There are a variety of interview types that can change how you behave and respond to the interviewers such as during a one-on-one session versus a panel. There are typical questions you can learn to give concise and thoughtful responses that always highlight the benefit of hiring you. You can show you are engaged and attentive by doing certain things such as bringing a small notebook and pen to scribble notes and to highlight your own questions for the interviewer. And finally, a simple thank you note can go a long way.

To learn more details about these interview tips, sign up for our second workshop titled Succeeding in Your Interview on Monday, March 4 from 5:30-7pm at the Idaho Next Steps Coaching office.

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