Clean up your LinkedIn URL

LinkedIn is my favorite job search tool. I personally, as well as many of my clients, have had success in finding jobs utilizing the job searching feature and it's a wonderful online resume. Very professional and easy to read!

However, have you ever paid attention to the URL on your resume? It can ruin the clean and polished look you are aiming for. More importantly, it can show a lack of detailed-awareness to a recruiter or hiring manager when you don't take the time to update it.

Instead, you can easily update your URL for a clean and polished look. Go to your profile and click on "Edit public profile & URL" in the top right corner.

Click on the pencil, remove the numbers, and save to see if that URL is available. You may have to edit it a few times to find one available. I had to remove the "-"from my URL while others have to flip their first and last name such as "renk-stephanie.

Back on your resume, you can update the URL and now the contact details are clean, easy to read, and recruiters are impressed with your attention to details!

- Stephanie Renk is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach, and owner of Idaho Next Steps Coaching, LLC. Stephanie and her team are dedicated to helping others obtain their personal and professional goals through their resume writing services, coaching sessions, and teaching workshops throughout the Treasure Valley. Please visit or call (208) 795-5118 for more information.


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