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Careers for your personality type

By: Vera Savany-Hughes

Have you ever wondered what type of job/career path/industry would make you feel the most fulfilled and where you could truly thrive, feel motivated, and give it your all – where you’ll feel you’re just using your strengths and being yourself 100%?

How awesome would that feel?

Well, here we go; let’s explore career possibilities that maybe you haven’t thought of before (or perhaps you have, and this solidifies your reason to finally go after that dream role and ultimately live your dream life). According to sources such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) charts and the book “Do What You Are,” here are lists of endless possibilities (and there are many more!) …

INFP (The Mediator)

- College Professor/Teacher

- Actor/Actress/Performer

- Musician/Composer

- Counselor

- Missionary

- Curator

ENFP (The Campaigner)

- Public Relations Specialist/Marketing Consultant

- Journalist

- Screenwriter

- Artist

- Special Education Teacher

- Career Counselor/Guidance Counselor

INTJ (The Architect)

- Scientist/Researcher

- Software Developer/Computer Programmer

- Information and Design Architect

- Database Administrator

- Academic Curriculum Designer

- Computer, Science, Math Professor

ENTJ (The Commander)


- Judge

- Business Consultant

- Sales Manager

- Politician

- Administrator

INTP (The Logician)

- Financial Analyst

- Lawyer

- Physicist

- Mathematician/Statistician

- Web Designer/Developer

- Logistician Planner

ENTP (The Debater)

- Market Researcher

- Venture Capitalist

- Strategic Planner

- HR Manager

- Producer

- City Planner