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5 Steps to Land a Job with Confidence

Welcome to Idaho Next Steps Coaching. I’m Stephanie Renk. I’m Vera Savany-Hughes and we are Motivational Career Campaign Educators. Today we’re going to tell you about our five steps to land your next job with confidence.

Step 1:

The first step is to define your targeted job role. We’ll analyze and discuss your background, education, and skills while also identifying your values and career motivators to find a job field or two of interest. From there, we’ll start building your career marketing portfolio so you can start applying for jobs.

Step 2:

Step 2 is building your Career Marketing Portfolio which includes a targeted resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter. These items need to be targeted to overcome Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Targeted resumes are most likely to get through ATS which grades how well your resume matches the job posting by being keyword-optimized while communicating your expertise, achievements, and what value you bring to the table. Recruiters will look over your resume for 6-20 seconds before making a hiring decision to call you for that interview. The resume needs to be attractive, easy to read, and ATS-friendly to be noticed.

The LinkedIn profile is your online resume. Think of it as your career billboard as well as your job search platform, connecting you with jobs, companies, and most importantly, recruiters.

Cover letters are more important than ever. By outlining your history, why you are in your field or industry, and what you bring to the table without repeating your resume verbatim.

Having a targeted career marketing portfolio really allows you to tell your professional stories so that you can land your next job role with confidence.

Step 3:

After building your career marketing portfolio, you’ll move to step 3 - setting your Motivation Action Plan or your MAP. We’ll discuss your daily schedule and job searching strategies that would work for you. Together, you’ll set smart goals to help you stay motivated and accountable for your job search.

Step 4:

During step 4, you’ll start networking! We utilize your LinkedIn platform to connect with current and former colleagues, managers, friends, family, classmates, and, of course, recruiters! We’ll teach you how to research companies, find jobs, and how to reach out to recruiters and peers in your industry or field.

Step 5:

The final step - number 5 - how to prepare for that interview! Your portfolio was the ticket to land that interview. But now, how are you going to communicate your value in an impactful way.

We teach you how to communicate your expertise by helping you identify and acknowledge your strengths first. We’ll talk about how to introduce yourself, how to use the STAR method to explain your background, and most importantly, how to negotiate when you get that offer.

These are your five steps to land your next job with confidence. Check out our website and contact us for your free career call. We look forward to meeting you!