Interview Preparation Coaching

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Interview Preparation - What's included?

Learn how to communicate your brilliance in a way that will make hiring professionals want to hire you! Practicing your interview skills is as important as an excellent resume. Resumes land the interview. Interviews land the job offer!


Our sessions can cover the following topics:

  • Learn and understand interview concepts and strategies that set you up for success in landing your next job role with confidence.

  • Identify what sets you apart (your differentiating factor) to elevate your likeability factor while communicating your value to others.

  • Determine how to “build your case” as the ideal and memorable candidate.

  • Articulate your ‘Performance Storytelling' tactics to answer interview questions with impact and clarity.

  • Learn the importance of mirroring to connect with decision-makers during interviews.

  • Master negotiation strategies to get the pay you deserve.

Job Interview

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

We offer two 90-minute sessions (Interview Preparation + Mock Interview). The first session covers all topics above while the second session includes a 30-minute mock interview. See our fees.



Interview preparation services do not guarantee promotions, job placements, or interviews. We offer these sessions to enhance and improve your job searching strategies and goals.

Certified Professional Career Coach - Why us?

Stephanie Renk and Vera Savany-Hughes provide career coaching services for job seekers at all stages - students, recent graduates, parents returning to the workforce, professionals seeking a new role or changing careers, and military personnel or veterans transitioning out of the military.

Not everyone knows what they want to do and we work diligently to guide clients in identifying their passions, values, and aspirations. We also assist with interview preparation to help clients hone in their strengths and value propositions to help them land the job.

We are certified through the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches and we continue to stay attuned with the job market, resume standards, and more by participating in multiple monthly education programs.