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Coaching is defining goals, setting up action plans, and partnering with clients in a focused and inspiring process that maximizes your personal and professional potential. It includes education on how the job search process works in today's market, what recruiters are looking for, improving interviewing and salary negotiation skills, and more. 

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Prepare for interviews over the phone, in-person, video, and in groups. We'll walk through a typical interview process, review top questions, and discuss how to handle the various interview stages. We'll work together to understand today's market, improving your interviewing and salary negotiation skills, and discuss any questions you may have.

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Everyone’s job searching needs and expectations are different and we work hard to provide authentic and accurate details in each client's resume portfolio. To ensure we achieve this goal, we partner with our clients to build resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles they are proud of.

5 Tips to Job Search Successfully


Your career search campaign should be exciting and knowing a little more about what to do will empower you. We'd like to share with you five tips to help you prepare for your job search. Take a moment to learn and reinvent the way you communicate your value in today’s digital world.

​It's important to have your portfolio and your interview focused on your value and what you bring to the company.

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Check out these Career Stats

If you are not sure whether hiring a career service provider for your job search is worthwhile, consider these statistics!



  • Recruiters spend an average of 7 seconds reviewing a resume. (TheLadders)

  • Candidates who hired professional resume writers have a 32% higher chance of getting a job and 68% of job seekers with professionally crafted resumes found jobs within 90 days. (Talent Inc., 2019)

  • Top resume deal breakers for hiring managers are typos or bad grammar (77%), unprofessional email addresses (35%), and a lack of quantifiable results (34%). (Careerbuilder)

  • The rejection rate for resumes with photos is 88%. (Business 2 Community)


Cover Letters

  • 86% of executives say cover letters are valuable when evaluating job candidates. (Office Team) 

  • Up to 38% of hiring managers say that including a cover letter makes them more likely to pay attention to the application. (Careerbuilder)

  • Almost half (45%) of recruiters say that not having a cover letter could get your job application rejected. (Careerbuilder)

  • 83% of the hiring decision-makers surveyed said a great cover letter could convince them to schedule an interview with an applicant, even if the applicant’s resume wasn’t good enough to stand on its own. (ResumeLab)

  • 77% of recruiters said they would give preference to a candidate who sent a cover letter, even if they weren’t required to send it. (ResumeLab)



  • Over 40% of employers say they may not interview candidates if they can't find their online presence. (Careerbuilder)

  • Job seekers with a comprehensive LinkedIn profile have a 71% higher chance of getting a job interview. (ResumeGo)

  • Over 97,000 companies in the U.S. use LinkedIn to recruit. (LinkedIn)

  • 67% of recruiters say that LinkedIn is the top social media channel that offers the highest quality of candidates. (Jobvite, 2020)

  • LinkedIn users who include a profile photo receive 21x more profile views and up to 36x more messages. (LinkedIn)

  • LinkedIn users who have a professional headshot on their profile receive 14x more views, and listing 5 or more skills on your LinkedIn profile can lead to up to 17x more views. (LinkedIn)



  • Most job postings attract around 250 applications, of which only 4-6 candidates will be called into an interview and 1 will get the position. (Glassdoor)

  • When asked for reasons why a candidate was not offered a position, 65% of interviewers said it was due to the candidate's failure to make eye contact and nearly 40% said it was due to a candidate’s voice and their overall lack of confidence. (Twin Employment & Training)

  • Top behaviors that disqualified a candidate: 62% for being rude to the receptionist or other support staff, 48% for checking one’s phone, 46% for showing up late, 46% for poor hygiene, and 31% for interrupting the interviewer. (Jobvite)

  • 73% of HR professionals use behavioral interviews. (LinkedIn)